Drawing Show at UBCO Fina Gallery – last day tomorrow

Right now in the FINA Gallery up at UBCO is a Drawing Show that takes drawing to extremes: drawing with paper, on paper. Drawing on the walls, creating drawings in space. You’ve got until 4pm tomorrow to check out the show! Where is the FINA Gallery? Go to the Fine Arts Building – in the rectangle. Go the main floor foyer and it’s right there.  Read More

UBCO MFA Graduate Student EXHIBITION – NOV 14 – 18

FINA GALLERY Exhibition – details here  Read More

Did you know that there is a Gallery up at UBCO?

FINA Gallery –  Male Perspectives oook contributor Heather Leier checked out the show currently on at the UBCO FINA gallery. Unless you are a Fine Arts student at the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus or maybe someone who frequents the Fine Arts and Health building, you may not know that there is actually an art gallery on campus. During the winter and spring semesters the “FINA Gallery”, as it is called, has weekly exhibitions... Read More

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