Writings on the Wall – Rene Rodriguez – Nourishing Communities

All people are artists. Your medium may not be paint but we are creative creatures and when we do not have the space, time or materials to be creative we become destructive. Without creativity all things die; it is an aspect of life that a lot of the world tries  to tell us is not important but every time I come back to the canvas and paint I remember what I’m supposed to be doing. While it is always a great feeling when a piece of my art sells,... Read More

writings from the wall-Gabrielle Villecourt-Cooperative Marketing

  The Golo Art Project has been partnering with a number of local businesses to help promote each other and share resources. When we work in this manner, namely partnerships,  we build community. It is hard not to think about the events that are happening around us, like  the Occupy efforts happening around the globe in particular. Considering the present social/economic climate, the Golo Art Project is happening at a very interesting time.... Read More

writings from the wall – yako de arburn- a parallel artality

It is always interesting when life comes full circle.  I first painted with Yako de Arburn in his studio in Cawston, BC back in 2000.  When one paints in the same room with another painter, one inevitably picks up techniques in colour, style and theme without necessarily talking about it. In the years that followed I would again be part of a larger painting group with Yako, so to now share a gallery space and wall with him at the Golo Art Project ... Read More

A great fit! The Okanagan School of the Arts and The Shatford Centre together in one place

oook contributor Katie Brennan sat down with Shatford Centre Executive Director Jane Shaak to learn more about how the Shatford Centre came to be and its relationship to the Okanagan School of the Arts.   oook: What is the Shatford Centre? JS: The Shatford Centre is a creativity centre and community gathering place situated in the historic, 90 year old Shatford building on the Pen High Campus in the heart of the city of Penticton, at 760 Main... Read More

Many Hats Theatre Company opens“Here on the Flight Path” on July 7

Many Hats Theatre Company is based in Penticton and has a new production opening July 7th. oook did a little digging to find out more. oook: How did the Many Hats Theatre company come to be? MH: Many Hats Theatre Company (MHTC) is a cooperative venture started in late 2007 by 20 of the Okanagan’s most talented and passionate theatre aficionados who were interested in producing Professional Quality theatre for local audiences. We strive... Read More

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