Free Breakfast: Part Five

This is part five of Nathan Hare’s novella, Free Breakfast, which oook is serializing. You can read part one here, part two here, part three here, and part four here. Look for part six coming soon! “Know what band’s really underrated?” Carly had her feet up on the dashboard and a Coke in her hand. She was wearing a dress with flowers on it. It did feel like something out of the fifties, with the sun reflecting off the glass until I couldn’t... Read More

Free Breakfast: Part Four

This is part four of Nathan Hare’s novella, Free Breakfast, which oook is serializing. Click here for part one, here for part two, and here for part three. Look for part five coming soon! Part Four: Carly This one time, a few years ago, I remember seeing a fight downtown. It was super early, like three or four in the afternoon, and they fought right in the middle of the sidewalk. It happened so out in the open, right by the library even, and... Read More

Free Breakfast: Part Three

This is part three of Nathan Hare’s novella, Free Breakfast, which oook will be serializing. Click here to read part one, and here to read part two. Look for part four coming out soon! Part Three: Melissa The early morning sun covered the buildings like an afghan. It was crocheted in a living room with family photos on its light pink walls. Old, wrinkled hands weaved its fabric in and out. They would sometimes shake, and every so often pause to... Read More

Free Breakfast: Part Two

This is part two of Nathan Hare’s novella, Free Breakfast, which oook will be serializing. Click here to read part one. Look for part three coming out soon! Part Two Kevin kept drinking, though there was nothing left in his cup. He moved the straw around, trying to find that one last drop of soda, but nothing came except the sound of the straw sucking in air. He kept staring just past me, his eyes concentrated on something in the distance. Every... Read More

Free Breakfast: Part One

This is part one of Nathan Hare’s novella, Free Breakfast, which oook will be serializing. Look for part two in a couple weeks! Part One There are certain characters we play. I’m always the father – a white-collar type who’s probably in town for business, maybe family. I like to play him a bit cynical, like he’s seen everything and isn’t going to be surprised by another town, another hotel. His choices are simple: eggs,... Read More