The Social Engagement of Artist Chad Pratch

“Most of what I do carries a theme of social engagement and intervention performance. Breaking through social norms or expectations of social interaction, ignites my curiosity and informs my art practice.” Chad Pratch’s approach to art is so out of the box, it reminds you of clips from “The most interesting man in the world“. He recently did a presentation downtown where he explained his philosophy & experiments surrounding his art... Read More

A look at Kelowna Art Gallery Director Nataley Nagy

from by laurie Popular perception may rate taking in an art exhibition right up there with getting a root canal, but that doesn’t phase the new exec director of the Kelowna Art Gallery. Making art accessible to the community is a prime goal for Nataley Nagy. Taking on the role of executive director for a major regional institution like the Kelowna Art Gallery (KAG) means a lot more than looking at pretty pictures. Along with aesthetics,... Read More

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